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 Am început înscrierea copiilor de clasa a II-a pentru Prima Sfântă Împărtășanie. Pregătirea va începe duminica viitoare, 6 octombrie, și se va ține în fiecare duminică de la ora 9.30 la 10.30, în sala de cateheză a parohiei.   Au început și orele de catehism, care se țin în fiecare sâmbătă; la ora 10.00, copiii, […]

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cheap moncler sale Fifty years after the garment’s initial debut, we decided to re introduce it as part of a Heritage Cheap Moncler Jackets capsule that included the 49’er, the Turnabout (released as ‘the Pendleton Reversible Skirt’) and the River Jacket. Again, a wonderful idea, but there were no production records to refer to after […]

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A dust storm on Tuesday, November 20, left the rural New South Wales town of White Cliffs blanketed in a haze of red dust. There were reports of dust storms throughout regional New South Wales, impacting the Riverina, Broken Hill and the Central West. This video depicts the storm at a cattle station 40 km […]

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6 OCTOMBRIE 2013 ÎNCEPE PREGĂTIREA PENTRU PRIMA SFÂNTĂ ÎMPĂRTĂȘANIE ! 22 – 29 septembrie 2013: Înscrierea copiilor de clasa a II-a (8 ani) pentru cursul de pregătire în vederea primirii Primei Sfinte Împărtășanii. Pregătirea va începe duminică, 6 octombrie 2013, și se va ține în fiecare duminică, între orele 9.30 – 10.30, în sala de […]


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In the future, these structures may be used to develop compact optical devices, as well as to create an cloak. Computer simulations showed that it would be a high performance material for light with a wavelength from 400 500 nanometres (violet, blue and light blue), researchers said. A metamaterial has properties which are created by […]

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My boyfriend is convinced that if he got a job his dad would force him to pay bills and the rest would go to his gas. (Which I know that his gas is only thirty dollars). He is simply obsessed with finding the perfect job where you don’t work so much which I’ve told him […]

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2018 Kia Stinger GT long canada goose uk shop When you think GT car, you probably conjure up images of European sports canada goose outlet winnipeg coupes. Aston Martin DB11s, Ferrari Portofinos and the like. Surely you think of the Maserati Gran Turismo, canada goose outlet washington dc its name literally being the long form […]

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She always gets upset that I don’t want to FaceTime all of the time and I try to FaceTime her more often, but I just hate being glued to my phone for such a long period of time.(she always wants to FaceTime for hours) I couldn’t be on the phone with anyone for a long […]

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  Vineri, 20 septembrie 2013, după Sf. Liturghie de la ora 18.00: m e d i t a r e a Evangheliei Duminicii: Luca 16, 10-13    În fiecare a 3-a vineri a lunii, seara, după Sf. Liturghie de la 18.00, în sala de cateheză a parohiei, meditarea Cuvântului lui Dumnezeu.     Cuvântul Tău, […]

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Have The Power To Mess With National Monuments However timely and significant, the findings are likely to be ignored by President Donald Trump, who appears set on trying to rescindmonument status on sites such as the 1.35 million acre Bears Ears National Monument in Utah, or at least shrink them. If canada goose outlet […]

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